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Video: Watch for a DISCOUNT!

A video walk through of our courses for age 4 through grade 12 (video still says age 3--see note below)

This video will explain our courses for age 4 through grade 12, show the books and how they work, and describe our three-course combination program that allows you to learn US history and geography as you study your way through all 50 states in order of statehood in one or two years.  

Watch our video and GET A DISCOUNT!  Here's how:  Listen for the phrase, "But we have a _________ for you."  The missing word begins with an "S".  Enter this word (in all caps) as your discount code during the order process and receive $5.00 off your order of $30 or more.

NOTE: Advertised age range has been raised from age 3 to age 4 due to expensive annual safety tests required for age 3.  Our materials have been tested and are safe, but we can't afford to prove it every year.