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Fifty States Under God (Grades 3-12)


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 Written by Carrie
We are so excited about starting this book. My dad is a retired school teacher. He taught history, g...

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 Written by Kimberlee
Thank you. This is a totally awesome overview study. I have use both of the 50 state history books w...

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 Written by Lori
I wanted to thank you for your exceptional materials and to tell you how very, very glad we are to h...

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 Written by Angie
First I have to say, we absolutely LOVE this curriculum! We studied 50 States Under God alongside th...

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 Written by Julie
My 3 children are doing well with the curriculum. This is the first year we've really kept up on his...

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 Written by Cyndi Kinney, R.N., Ph. D., Knowledge Box Central
At the beginning of this year, my 12 year old daughter began using “Fifty States Under God” for 3rd-...

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