State History

We offer a complete State History Curriculum (State History from a Christian Perspective) for grades 3-12 as well as My State History Funbook for age 4 through grade 2. Our levels are correlated so you can teach all ages together. Our lesson plans are generic, so you can even teach different states at the same time!

Our Student Booklet and Master Lesson Plan can be used with any edition of  Abeka's My State Notebook.  Our lesson plans have been REVISED to correlate with the current version of My State Notebook (2022).  IF YOU ARE USING THE NEW MY STATE NOTEBOOK, YOU WILL NEED TO PURCHASE A NEW COPY OF THE UPADED LESSON PLANS.

We also offer fifty-state studies that provide an overview of all fifty states in order of statehood. See Fifty States Under God, Fifty States Under God for Young Learners, and Geography of the Fifty States

Check the FEATURED PRODUCTS link at the left to SAVE $8.00 when you purchase Fifty States Under God and Geography of the Fifty States as a SET!  

You can use our state history course in combination with these two self-contained workbooks for a fun one- or two-year US History and Geography course!


State Book and Fun Book


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