State History from a Christian Perspective for grades 3-12

Our program is FUN!

Your student will construct his very own state history project notebook using state-specific text, maps, and color state symbol pictures that we provide in the Student Booklet for your state. Choose between two project notebook options:

Option 1: Use My State Notebook by Abeka as the project notebook. My State Notebook is a pre-formatted scrapbook into which the student pastes text and pictures from our Student Booklet. The value of this option is that the student ends up with a beautiful project notebook without spending much time and energy on the notebook itself, allowing the student to focus on the content. This option is recommended for grades 3-6 and can also be beneficial for grades 7-8.

Option 2: Have your student transfer the information and pictures from the Student Booklet to a made-from-scratch project notebook using his own 3-ring binder. This option teaches organizational skills, offers opportunity for creativity of original pages if desired, and allows for easy expansion of the depth and length of the course through the use of the expansion suggestions given in the Master Lesson Plan Book. This option is recommended for grades 9-12. For parents of students in grades 3-8 who prefer notebooking in a binder, this option will work well but will require more parental supervision than the use of My State Notebook (Option 1 above).

Instructions are given in the Master Lesson Plan Book for both options, and it is very simple to teach both options simultaneously for students of varying ages. Note: You do not need to be using Abeka to use the My State Notebook option. However, for those who do use Abeka 4th grade history, our 30-lesson plan is correlated to that curriculum and will provide the state history material needed for Lessons 86-115.

Our program is SIMPLE and FLEXIBLE!

Almost no teacher preparation is required. The Student Booklet includes text, maps, color state symbol pictures, 6 quizzes, 2 tests, and an answer key. The Master Lesson Plan provides a Basic 30-Lesson Course that adapts easily to YOUR desired time schedule. Each lesson takes approximately 20-30 minutes. Options within the lessons and Expansion suggestions at the end of each lesson allow you to easily and individually adjust the difficulty level as desired. For example, you may assign a 3rd grader to simply paste in a free tourist brochure on the historical landmark page while you might require a 10th grader to write a short research report for that particular page.

For classroom settings and independent study projects, where 7th through 12th graders will be using the 3-ring-binder option, we provide a Six-Week Independent Study Guide and a One-Semester Independent Study Guide in the Appendix of the Master Lesson Plan Book. These guides simplify the instructions and options and are the only part of our materials that you may reproduce. We allow one teacher to make enough copies of one of these study-guide options to distribute to his/or her own students. For more information on using our materials in a classroom setting and adapting to secondary level students, see Using Our State History Course for Secondary Students.

Our Master Lesson Plan Book also includes a 10-Day Plan. This plan can be especially helpful to support groups.

What do I need to Purchase?

For younger children (age 3 through 2nd grade), we recommend purchasing My State History Funbook. The Funbook can be used by 3rd graders as well; however, most 3rd graders will do well with the older level course.

State History from a Christian Perspective: Student Booklet (Grades 3-12)

State History from a Christian Perspective: Student Booklet (Grades 3-12)

The Student Booklet contains the text, quizzes and tests, answer key, color state symbol pictures, state constitution study guide, and 50-state facts appendix. You will need one copy for each student. Classroom teachers will need their own reference copy. NOTE: The Student Booklet does not contain a page for every lesson. The student Booklet is intended for use in conjunction with our Master Lesson Plan Book, which gives complete instructions for every lesson. For information about combining... Read more
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State History from a Christian Perspective Master Lesson Plans

State History from a Christian Perspective Master Lesson Plans

The Master Lesson Plan Book contains lesson plans for both of the project notebook options and instructions that adapt the course to your desired grade level (grades 3-12).  It provides a number of lesson plan options that allow you to use our course in the way best suited to your needs, including a teacher-directed thirty-lesson course (six weeks, expandable as desired using the Expansion Suggestions at the bottom of each day's lesson plan), a Six-Week Independent Study Guide (grades... Read more
My State Notebook (Grades 3-8)

My State Notebook (Grades 3-8)

My State Notebook is a preformatted scrapbook which may be used with any state. My State Notebook is published by Abeka. It is offered here for your convenience, but you may purchase this book directly from Abeka if you prefer. You will need one copy for each student who will be using the My State Notebook option.  In a classroom setting, we recommend that you order a teacher copy to be used as a sample.
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