The Christian Perspective

Our materials provide an accurate historical account with an emphasis on events and historical figures that are examples of patriotism, character, and Biblical truth. You will not have to be on guard for overtones of evolution, humanism, socialism, or atheism!

History from a Christian Perspective?

It was August of 1776. General George Washington and his small army were set to defend New York City against British General Howe and his 32,000 men. Washington’s army had already suffered heavy losses. They must retreat or be destroyed. The only way of escape was across the East River. That night there was a storm that prevented General Howe from sending his ships up the river to cut off the escape. But how could General Washington get his men safely across the stormy waters? Among the reinforcements that had arrived the day before was a regiment of Massachusetts fishermen who were expert seamen! The retreat took place overnight, aided by a dense early morning fog that hid the last of the boats. No one saw it except one pro-British family. They tried to report it, but the British outpost was manned by a German soldier who couldn’t understand English! Were all these amazing factors mere coincidence? No! They were acts of providence! - Click here to read more!

Geography from a Christian Perspective?

In 1832, four Indian chiefs of the Flathead and Nez Perce tribes left the Pacific Northwest and traveled over the Rocky Mountains toward St. Louis, Missouri. When they arrived at their destination in the fall of that year, they sought out William Clark, who was Superintendent of Indian Affairs, and told him they were looking for "the Book." They stated that they knew their people were in darkness and they had heard that the white man had a "Book" that came down from heaven that could tell them how they could know God (to know more of this amazing account, see Fifty States under God by Joy Dean, p.206.) - Click here to read more!

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