The One Year Christian History


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This 803-page book provides daily "this day in history" devotional readings to acquaint you with the salvation experiences, struggles, triumphs, and accomplishments of God’s servants who are part of our spiritual heritage. It is full of inspiring accounts of God’s wondrous grace and His work in the hearts and lives of men and women!

Excerpts from The One Year Christian History by E. Michael and Sharon Ruston
In the short excerpts below, you can see that this book will inspire and encourage you by giving true accounts of those who defended true faith and doctrine, exhibited Godly character, maintained a passion for souls even when their own lives were threatened, found grace to remain steadfast in persecution, and saw Providence intervene in the affairs of men and in their own lives. Please note that we picked five and could only give you a tiny snapshot of those five. The excerpts below barely even scratch the surface in our effort to tell you about this great book!

Excerpt from January 10, about an English Methodist missionary named Daniel Draper, who went to Australia in 1836:
At dawn Captain Martin calmly told the passengers and crew that all hope was lost. Draper broke the somber silence that followed this announcement by standing up to address the crowd once more. With tears flowing down his face, he said in a clear, strong voice, "The captain tells us there is no hope; that we must all perish. But I tell you there is hope, hope for all. Although we must die and shall never again see land, we may all make the port of heaven."

Excerpt from January 11, about Timothy Dwight, grandson of Jonathan Edwards, became president of Yale at a time when deism was becoming increasingly popular:
By 1802, after seven years of Dwight's solid biblical preaching, hearts were softened, deism's back was badly bent, and revival broke out on campus. One-third of Yale's 225 students were converted to Christ under his preaching, and many became instrumental in a larger revival that spread throughout New England, upstate New York, and onto the Western frontier. It was the beginning of the nation's Second Great Awakening."

Excerpt from February 21, about Eric Liddell, who is well known for winning an Olympic race but not so well known for his faithful service and eventual death in a Japanese prison camp in China:
Soon after Eric arrived at Weihsien, three hundred students from the Chefoo School of the China Inland Mission, all separated from their parents, arrived at the prison. These children became Eric's focus. He organized a school in the prison camp for the children and served as their mentor.

Excerpt from May 2, describing an attack by the Marquis de Feuquiere against a group of German Christians known as the Waldensians:
The marquis first attacked during a severe snowstorm, then commanded his artillery to roll its cannons up the slopes to attack the bedraggled remnant of men who climbed even higher, waiting for death. In his confidence, the marquis had already sent a victory message back to France. But then a miracle happened. A thick fog surrounded the Waldensians, allowing them to escape off the mountaintop during the night! They were saved by God's hand!

Excerpt from December 11, when William Bradford returned to the Mayflower after a week-long exploratory trip to shore only to find that his wife had fallen overboard and drowned during his absence (very possibly having taken her own life due to severe depression):
Bradford was visibly shaken, and his loss might have sapped his will to see the new colony succeed. The man so many had leaned upon, was now the one needing support. Bradford's friends gathered around him in his time of need, mourned with him, and helped him deal with the doubts and questions that enshrouded his wife's death. Within a year Bradford was elected governor of Plymouth Colony . . . ."

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