NAME-IT! Learn-as-you-go fifty states game!


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There are 4 question-cards for each state. The 200 question cards are divided into 4 categories that cover the state nickname,
motto, order of statehood, state symbols, capital city, border states, and chief products.

Directions: Players draw cards from the 4 different categories in an attempt to be the first player to collect 3 cards from each category. Each time a player draws a card, he has the opportunity to answer the questions about the designated state in the designated category. There is no penalty for not knowing the answers, so it is not necessary to know anything in order to play the game! The goal of the game is to expose players to the information in a fun setting so they will learn the information! If a player does know the answers, he receives points and is allowed to draw one additional card per turn. The answers are provided on the back side of the cards. Wild Cards are included in each category to increase the fun by adding the element of chance into the game.

Goal of the game: To get the most points! The game consists of 4 cards per state containing questions in 4 different categories. Points are won by giving correct answers and by being the first player in a round to obtain 3 cards in each of the 4 categories. You do not have to know the correct answers to obtain the cards, but if you DO know the answers, you get POINTS! Wild Cards provide variety and excitement! Total of cards including category cards and Wild Cards is 224.

Age range: Age 5 through Adult (Because this is a learn-as-you-go game, any child who can match colors and can read and learn the 2-letter state abbreviations can play along. Young children, of course, will need more help and will learn the facts less quickly than older children.)

Number of players: 2 to 6 players

Game contents: 224 laminated game cards and instruction sheet.

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