One Small Candle


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The darkness hung so thick and black, I scarcely could believe—

My very hand before my face, my eyes could not perceive!


I groped and found a candle that was lying by the way.

I struck a match and lit it, and the darkness fled away!


‘Twas such a little candle to dispel such heavy gloom!

And yet, its tiny flame sent forth its rays throughout the room!


And as I watched it burn, a simple prayer arose within:

Lord, let me be a candle in a world that’s dark with sin!


Oh, may my tiny Gospel-light, ablaze with love and care,

Illumine those around me, lost in darkness and despair.


And when a shadow falls upon a child of Your own,

May my small light remind him of the brightness of Your throne.


Lord, let my light burn steadily, wherever I may be—

In darkness great or small, may Your great glory shine through me!

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