To Daddy and Mommy


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I'm here at last, your newborn child, a gift from God above,

The fruit that blossoms forth with joy from two lives joined in love.

I have a lot of tiny parts, all meant to give you pleasure,

Like shiny eyes and dimpled knees and sweetness without measure.

The most important part by far is one you cannot see--

There is a small eternal soul that's deep inside of me.

The devil has his traps all laid--he wants my soul to keep;

His darts are sharp; his lures are bright; he will not rest or sleep.

Since I'm so trusting and naive, I'll be an easy prey;

If you two don't put up a fight, he'll surely have his way.

And since my heart is stained with sin, I'll fight you too, you know;

But though you'll often weary be--oh, please, don't let me go!

I know you'll work and plan and save to take good care of me;

I'll eat good food and wear nice clothes, and loved I'll always be.

But though providing food and clothes must surely have its part,

By far your most important task is what you teach my heart.

For time will pass, and death will come and breath from body sever;

The parts of me you see will die--my soul will live forever.

So through my life, dear Mom and Dad, please keep this as your goal:

To take with you from earth to heaven my small eternal soul.

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