I Count My Wealth


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It is a common thing for folks to calculate their wealth

In fancy cars, in grown-up “toys,” in products for their health,

In stocks and bonds, in bank accounts, in lands and property,

In grand and spacious homes, expensive clothes, and jewelry.


I must confess that few of these fine things to me belong,

And when I count my worldly goods, it doesn’t take me long!

And yet I feel so wealthy—and I revel in it, too!

So if you will allow me, I will count my wealth for you.


My wealth began with choices, for one always has to choose,

To make his own decision how life’s blessings he will use.

I spent some time reflecting and then set my efforts t’ward

The longest-lasting goal which seemed to yield the most reward.


Investment is expected when one fixes on a goal—

My choice was no exception, for it took my heart and soul,

Demanding full devotion of my time and energy

And sacrifice which sometimes brought few benefits to me.


Some days I found it easy, for I saw a quick reward,

But oft it seemed quite futile, and investing was quite hard.

And so passed years of giving and of praying day by day,

Of trusting God to bless in His own perfect time and way.


One day the transformation came before my very eyes—

I knew that my investment had produced the grandest prize!

The treasure I’d invested in had suddenly matured,

And of continued benefit I now could be assured!


Not only did I gain my own, but my investment grew,

And where one treasure there had been, there suddenly were two!

When they in turn invest, and their investments they maintain,

I shall in their prosperity a vested interest gain!


Old age descends upon us all, and riches useless lie,

For helpless hearts must have some things that money cannot buy.

But I can look ahead without a worry or concern,

For when I helpless lie, I’ll be enjoying my return!


When at death’s door we stand, without exception we will find

That earthly goods which we’ve amassed must all be left behind.

But when I live in Heaven, I will have my treasure rare—

For I count my wealth in children, and my children will be there!

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