Christ’s One Unanswered Prayer


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Christ, the Lamb of God, is seated there beside His Father's throne;

All His work on earth is finished; all His sacrifice is done.

Yet in Heaven His work continues as He daily intercedes,

Laying out before the Father His requests for all my needs.


In my times of greatest trial, I could hear my Saviour say,

"May this child now lost in weakness know My perfect strength today."

Then my heart, by grace uplifted, rose up as on eagle's wing.

Filled with peace past understanding, songs of joy my heart could sing!


When the vengeance of the tempter would upon my heart assail,

I could hear my Saviour praying, "May this child's faith not fail."

Then His righteousness engulfed me, and His truth became my sword,

And the power of temptation fell away before His Word!


Now my earthly frame grows feeble as the end of life draws near.

I can feel Him bending nearer, and His tender words I hear,

"Father, grant that this, my loved one, may be with Me where I am."

When this prayer of His is answered . . . I'll be seated by the Lamb!


May you look forward with joy to eternity in Heaven!


Father, I will that they also whom thou hast given Me be with Me where I am; that they may behold My glory.  John 17:24


For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.  Philippians 1:21

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