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Grades 3-12

Our Student Booklet provides you with text, maps, and color state symbol pictures for your state. The text covers history, geography, map skills, weather, industry, agriculture, major cities, citizenship, state and local government, and state symbols. Students use this material to create their own personalized state history textbook, adding pictures and information from free tourist literature. Quizzes, Tests, and Answer Key are included. Our Master Lesson Plan Book gives simple instructions and flexible options. Choose between two project notebook options: My State Notebook by Abeka (grades 3-8) or a 3-ring binder (grades 7-12) or teach both options simultaneously. Plans for 6 weeks, 1 semester, 1 year, and continuing study.

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Age 4 - Grade 2

My State History Funbook is a color-cut-and-paste project notebook that provides fun activities for young students as they learn about their state.

This course is correlated to our upper level courses, so young ones can join right in with older students! Includes Activity Pages with cutouts for your state!

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Grades 3-12

Fifty States Under God is a workbook study of all 50 states in the order of statehood. This “I love history” book emphasizes the role of God’s providence in shaping our nation. It includes a time line and a progressive map study along with the most interesting information from all 50 state studies. Color state symbol pictures for all 50 states are included! Includes tests, keys, teacher guide.

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Age 4 – Grade 2

Fifty States Under God for Young Learners is a color-cut- and-paste workbook introducing all 50 states in the order of statehood. Color state symbol pictures and informational cutouts for all 50 states are included!

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Geography of the Fifty States (grades 3-12) provides 4 pages per state in order of statehood. The growth of the US, state by state, is correlated with US geographical regions, showing how geography helped shape history. Student learns US geographical regions and geographical features. Includes tests, keys, teacher instructions. Print a FREE SAMPLE of the Kansas pages from Geography of the Fifty States!
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Zacchaeus climbed a tree because he was abnormally short. Maybe he hated being short; but maybe he would never have met Jesus if he were pushing through the crowd at the same height as everyone else. Zacchaeus climbed the tree as a tax collector. His work and his life were one whole piece, so once he gave His life to Jesus, his behavior at work reflected his understanding of God.

Do YOU ever feel abnormal? Well, there’s good news – you are! Beautifully so! Your physical limitations are the masterpiece of God, your personality is His fingerprint, your gifts are His roadmap, and your experiences (even the bad ones!) are His school. God has already begun to prepare you for purposes you will never be able to achieve without His strength and that you may have never chosen for yourself if given the choice! He wants to leverage your physical design, your personality, your talents, and your experiences to accomplish His purposes in the world.

I am excited to bring my background in human resources, training program management, and abnormal humanity to go tree climbing with you! Let’s get a birds-eye view of how you are uniquely equipped to “be strong and do exploits” for God in the world:
  • GodStrong Personal & Professional Development (One-semester Course for High School Seniors)
  • GodStrong Life Purpose Intensive (for College Students and Adults)
  • Fascinate® Ladies’ Night In (Group)
  • Fascinate® Date Night (Couple)

Sketches from Church History by S.M. Houghton is a 245-page, illustrated discussion of the events and people who have been instrumental in the spread of Protestant Christianity from the end of the Book of Acts to the end of the 19th century. It is exciting and inspiring, appropriate for grades 7-12. Use as a one-semester history or Bible elective or an excellent book report book. Adults will also want to read this book and add a copy to your own library! Sketches from Church History Student Workbook by Rebecca Frawley provides study sheets, 3 tests, answer keys, and a course schedule (18 weeks, 3 classes per week).

by E. Michael and Sharon Ruston

This 803-page book provides daily “this day in history” devotional readings to acquaint you with the salvation experiences, struggles, triumphs, and accomplishments of God’s servants who are part of our spiritual heritage. It is full of inspiring accounts of God’s wondrous grace and His work in the hearts and lives of men and women!
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