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ThIS REVISED EDITION of our Master Lesson Plan Book contains lesson plans for BOTH editions of Abeka's My State Notebook (the one we sell on our site AND THE NEW 2022-23 EDITION), as well as instructions for making the project notebook in a 3-ring binder from scratch.  Our lesson plan book allows you to easily adapt the course to your desired grade level and course length (grades 3-12).  We provide a number of lesson plan options that allow you to use our course in the way best suited to your needs, including a teacher-directed thirty-lesson course (six weeks, expandable as desired using the Expansion Suggestions at the bottom of each day's lesson plan), a Six-Week Independent Study Guide (grades 7-12), and a One-Semester Independent Study Guide (grades 7-12). The thirty-lesson course includes instructions for the younger level, My State History Funbook, allowing you to easily teach combined levels simultaneously.  If teaching more than one level, order only one Master Lesson Plan Book.

Our Master Lesson Plan Book and Student Booklet can be used with any edition of Abeka's My State Notebook including the NEW 2022-23 edition.

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